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Saving our Youth..

Many juvenile delinquents lack proper guidance and direction in their lives. Because they are subjected to multiple risk factors, these children may become more violent. Delinquency seems to remains a complex, costly and distressing problem for American Society. There are so many problems and concerns juvenile delinquents face such as lack of parental involvement, dropping out of school, expulsion, drug and alcohol use, peer pressure, and gang influence. As we know environmental surroundings, abuse, and insufficient rehabilitation each may play an extensive role as to why juveniles engage in violent activity. So the question is how will we (as a community) develop effective strategies to help reduce recidivism rates for juveniles?

Juvenile delinquent is a person under the age 18, (on the average they are 10-17) juvenile delinquency is not a new issue in the United states nor many other countries. Though it has increased concern publicly, things such as young people forming violent street gangs in the American cities during the 1800’s and reports of delinquency rates have been rising since the early 1900’s. Many of our youth have lost their entire childhood due to peer pressure and been influenced through media such as music. Though people may reach out to these individuals some have made this a lifestyle and don’t know how much time they have until behind bars. How do we help our youth before it becomes a lifestyle or a comfort zone? How much does it take before they reach out for help themselves?

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