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The ugly truth

Many teens now a days are going to jail for "clout" a great example of this would be Tay k . Clout is power in this generation, it sets one above others. In the case of Tay K he was convicted with murder and other cases. This respect/power from others is what is causing the youth to go to the "streets" not knowing that at the end is a one way ticket to prison. Tay K learned this the hard way at the age of 19 when he received his 55year sentence. The question is how do we stop the youth from going onto this path of destruction?

In this world of many influences on the youth they have fallen under its spell that there is no way to get money without drugs, sex, and fame. Tay K no older then 19 at the time received not only the sentence for a murder he also got, an additional 30 years for one count of aggravated robbery and a further two 13-year sentences for the other aggravated robbery charges. Unfortunately this could be a sign of a sensitive generation we must be careful of not putting much pressure on the children of this gen due to the fact this can also push them into doing impulsive things such as breaking rules and regulations which then might lead to bumping into trouble.

The first step in helping teens off the streets is by identifying if your child is troubled. Common signs of troubled teens include failure to comply with set rules and regulation, sudden drop in grades, unexplained financing, change in sleeping habits, and so on. How do you know if your kid is truly at risk? Communication is key in this situation but how do we truly help our youth? sadly this has become our ugly truth.

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